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The Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) is a program administered by the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) that covers daily living services provided in an assisted living facility.

For assisted living waiver by area;

Go to Area Agencies on Aging. Click on the area that you live and contact the agency associated with it. Ask them to provide a list of the Assisted Living Facilities that participate in the waiver.

For an informational sheet on My Care Ohio as it relates to the Ohio Assisted Living Waiver, go to My Care Ohio Assisted Living

 For Ohio Assisted Living Waiver- 2017 Maximum Room, and Board Payment- 2017 SSI benefit amount: $735.00- 2017 Special Income Level is $2,205.00, 2017 Special Needs Allowance $50.00, 2017 Maximum Countable Assets $1,500.00

1. For a Fact Sheet on the State Funded Assisted Living Waiver, go to Fact Sheet

2. For Frequently Asked Questions on the State Funded Assisted Living Waiver, go to FAQ

3. For the Enrollment Agreement on the State Funded Assisted Living Waiver, go to Enrollment Agreement

4. For Medicaid Eligibility Information on the State Funded Assisted Living Waiver, go to ALW Medicaid Eligibility

5. For an overview of this waiver, you can go to AL Waiver

6. To view a complete listing of all the assisted living facilities that participate in the assisted living waiver, go to Assisted Living Map

7.  The Medicaid consumer can be 21 years of age or older.

8. An interested Medicaid consumer can apply for the program by contacting their local Area Agency on Aging. To Find your local Agency, go to Area Agency on Aging. You can also download a form a Application and fax it to your local Area Agency on Aging intake department (Just check the Assisted Living box at the top of the page).

9. A worker from your local Area Agency on Aging will conduct an assessment to determine if the applicant meets the criteria for the program. If the applicant does qualify, the person will be placed in a facility certified by the Ohio Department of Aging. The applicant will be able to receive personal, on site care, 24-hour a day response capability, meals, transportation, social and recreational activities and some nursing care.

10. Recipients of the Assisted Living Waiver are able to keep a portion of their monthly income $50.0 to pay for their room and board and personal needs. Other income remaining is the patient liability and is paid directly to the facility to help cover the cost of the applicant's care. Prescription copays are the responsibility of the participant.

11. A one time transition service of no more than $1,500 is available to help residents of nursing facilities purchase necessary items when moving into an assisted living facility. Some examples include dishes, clothing furniture, telephone, etc.