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If you are providing help for an older relative or spouse, you are a caregiver. The Area Agencies on Aging in Ohio have a program to assist Caregivers. It is called the Family Caregiver Support Program.

To gain access to the Area Agency on Aging in your area, you can go to Area Agency on Aging

When you contact the Area Agency on Aging in your area, ask to speak with someone in the Family Caregiver Support Program.

This program provides;

1. Answers to your questions about caregiving, community services and resources for caregivers.

2. In-home visits to talk about what types of help you want and assistance in locating needed services and support.

3. Time Out from caregiving by providing a temporary home care worker, time for your parent at a day center or in a facility allowing you time to care for yourself.

4. Services such as transportation, medical equipment, consumer information or counseling that support you as a Caregiver.

5. Skill Training and educational programs, individually or in group sessions, to teach you hands-on techniques, financial planning, stress management and skills that make caregiving easier.

6. Support Groups that offer you the opportunity to learn from others, share ideas, and connect you with the people with common interests and experiences.

Fees or charges for services

Most services are available free of charge. Some services, such as in-home care, stays in a facility, transportation, or equipment may have a co-pay based on the income of the person that you are caring for. For example, if the monthly income of the person you care for is below $1,225 there is no fee; if his or her monthly income is $1,634 you may be asked to pay 30% of the cost of certain services. No one is denied services for an inability to pay.