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Waivers in Ohio


This page discusses various Home Based Waiver Services in Ohio. The specific waivers addressed are PASSPORT, Ohio Home Care Waiver, Transitions Waiver, Options, Choices, PACE, and MR/DD waivers. To view the Ohio Administrative code for the waivers mentioned above, go to Ohio Administrative Code.

If you live in an area that is involved in My Care Ohio and the individual is in a My Care Ohio Plan, then that individual will need to go through the Medicaid HMO to receive the waiver program.



The PASSPORT Medicaid Waiver Program provides services in home and community settings to delay or prevent nursing facility placement. These services help to preserve an individual's independence.

For a great video on what the PASSPORT program provides, go to PASSPORT Services


For information on PASSPORT go to PASSPORT

To apply for PASSPORT, you can go to Area Agency

You can also complete a 2399 form and fax or mail to your local Department of Jobs and Family Services (DJFS). You can access the form by going to 2399. To find your local DJFS, go to County Directory

Core, Ohio Home Care Waiver and Transitions Waiver


For information on Core, Ohio Home Care Waiver and Transitions Waiver, you can visit Home Care or OHC

To apply for these programs you will need to submit a Home and Community Based Services Waiver Referral (Form 2399), available at 2399 and a Medicaid application (Form 7200), 7200 (if the person is not already on Medicaid) to the local county Department of Job a Family Services. To find your local Job and Family Service, go to Job and Family Service

Ohio recently selected a new provider oversight contractor for providers who deliver services to individuals on the Ohio Home Care Waiver and Transitions Carve-Out Waiver. The organization that was awarded the statewide provider oversight contract is Public Consulting Group Inc.

Click here
PCG to read a letter from the Ohio Office of Medical Assistance to providers about the new provider oversight contractor.

Options Program-Cuyahoga County


The OPTIONS program helps in two separate ways;

1. Information and Assistance: Help by directing people to the senior services they need.

2. OPTIONS home care program.

To view information on this program, you can go to Options

Choices Program


On March 1, 2014, consumer directed services becameavailable statewide. Individuals interested in receiving consumer directed services will enroll directly in the PASSPORT program to receive consumer directed services. The current Choices waiver program will cease operation on June 30, 2014.The Choices program is a consumer-directed Medicaid waiver program. Choices consumers assume greater control over delivery of services, as well as the service providers. The consumer becomes the employer and hires service providers in his or her home. Providers can be professional caregivers, friends, neighbors or some relatives (spouses, parents, step-parents and legal guardians are ineligible). Choices is available to current PASSPORT consumers in the central Ohio and southern Ohio regions served by the Area Agencies on Aging based in Columbus, Marietta and Rio Grande.

To view information on Choices, go to Choices

PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care)


What is PACE?

PACE provides an alternative to nursing home placement that utilizes a comprehensive medical and social service delivery system coordinated through an adult day health center to meet long-term care needs of participants. Participants enroll in a capitated managed care benefit funded by Medicare and Medicaid. This benefit is only available in the Cleveland and Cincinnati ares of Ohio and provides ALL needed health care, medical care and ancillary services in acute, sub-acute, institutional and community settings. The program is supplemented by in-home and referral services.

What services are provided by the PACE program?

A team lead by a specialized physician works with participants and their families to assess their needs, develop a care plan and deliver all services – including acute care services and, when necessary, nursing facility services. Services include: medical care, including primary and specialty physician and nursing care, medical specialties, including audiology, dentistry, optometry and podiatry, physical and occupational therapies, medical transportation, mental health services, meals, nutritional counseling, social services, home health care and personal care, medications, respite care and hospital and nursing home care when necessary. The service package includes all Medicare and Medicaid covered services and other services determined necessary by the PACE team. Sites may pool their resources to pay for services for an individual, including services not otherwise covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

To view additional information on PACE visit PACE

MR/DD Waivers


In order to apply for one of the waivers listed below, you should contact your county board of MR/DD. You can view your county contacts at County Board

Individual Options Waiver- Information is available at Individual Options

Level One Waiver-Information available at Level One Waiver

Self Empowered Life Funding-SELF Waiver-Information is available at SELF Waiver