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Watch Jenny and Mr. Stevens discuss the Homestead Process at Homestead


For general information on Homestead and Estate Recovery, go to Homestead

New Estate Recovery Rules are available at Estate Recovery

5101:1-39-07 (D)(1) (a-e) of the Ohio Administrative Code. Medicaid Transfer of Resources- Effective Date: November 7, 2002


A. The Individual's Spouse.

B. His Or Her Child Under The Age of 21.

C. His Or Her Child Who Is Blind.

D. His Or Her Child Age Of 21 Who Is Permanently Disabled.

E. The Individual's Adult Child Who Was Residing In The Home For At Least Two Years Immediately Before The Individual Became Institutionalized And Provided Care To The Individual That Delayed the Institutionalization Of The Parent. Verification Must Be Provided To Determine If The Individual Would Have Required Institutionalization From The Beginning And Throughout The Two Year Period If The Adult Child Had Not Provided Personal Care. The Individual's Physician Must Complete an ODJFS 3697 3697. Please Contact Your County Department of Jobs And Family Services To Discuss This Process.

F. A Sibling of The Individual Who Has An Equity Interest (Must Be a Documented, Legal Interest) In The Home And Was Residing In The Home For At Least One Year Immediately Before The Individual Became Institutionalized.

5101:1-39-31.2 (A) Medicaid: Property No Longer The Principal Place Of Residence.

If An Applicant/Recipient Resides In A Medical Institution For Six Months Or Longer And The Applicant/Recipient's Spouse or Relative, As Specified Above, Is Not Residing In The Home, The Home Is No Longer Considered To Be Homestead Property Or The Principal Place of Residence.

Further Restrictions May Apply. Ask Your Eligibility Specialist About More Details In That Each Case Is Different.

To find out your local agency go to Job and Family Service