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Group Homes


For this page, we provide a list of Adult Care Facilities, see Adult Care Facilities and Adult Foster Homes, see Adult Foster Homes

We also provide programs that are especially helpful to a successful nursing facility discharge to one of the homes listed above.

1. RSS (Resident State Supplement)

How Do I Apply for RSS?

Individuals may submit RSS applications, but frequently legal guardians, discharge planners, and case managers submit applications on behalf of interested consumers. Please complete the following forms and submit all requested documents via fax to 1-614-485-9747:

For an overview of RSS, go to RSS Overview

Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

RSS Program Application

RSS Authorization for Release of Information-(see form instructions)

ODJFS 07120 Form(see form instructions)

Once a complete RSS application is submitted, all forms are reviewed to determine whether the non-financial eligibility criteria are met. The Housing Resource Administrator typically reviews all completed applications and responds within 5 business days. Qualifying applications are then forwarded to the local CDJFS office for determination of financial eligibility, including the benefit amount. Once OhioMHAS and the local CDJFS determine that the eligibility criteria have been met, the individual is then enrolled in the RSS program.

If you are checking the status of an RSS application or have questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact the Housing Policy & Resource Administrator via email or call 1-855-777-6364.

2. Home Choice-HOME Choice provides new opportunities to older adults and persons with disabilities. Established in 2008 with the goal of transitioning 2,000 individuals into home and community-based settings, the program has become a national leader in moving people out of institutional settings.

As of 2014, more than 4,000 people have enjoyed a new found independence through HOME Choice. Ohio’s HOME Choice program currently ranks first nationally in transitioning individuals with mental illness into home-based settings and second in overall transitions completed.

Who is eligible to participate in Home Choice?

To participate in HOME Choice, you must:

Have lived in a facility-based care setting for at least 90 days,

Have care needs evaluated by HOME Choice staff, Qualify for Medicaid, and

Move into qualified housing.

Home Choice Application is available at Home Choice Application

3. Access Success is another helpful program that Nursing Facility residents can utilize for assistance when discharging back to the community. See more at Access Success,and Access Success II

Access Success Application is available at Access Success Application

3. If an individual does not qualify for the RSS program, there is another program that has recently been established. It is called Recovery Requires a Community. More information on this program can be located at Recovery Requires a Community. The Recovery Requires a Community program is designed to provide state resources that will enable people diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) who are in an institutional setting and wish to live in the community to do so.