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       Our Mission is to assist Consumers with Long Term Care
Information in Ohio and Provide Hospitals and Nursing Homes with the Tools They
Need for Appropriate Discharges and Admissions. We are a faith based organization which assists individuals with health care questions. Many individuals have received a letter regarding their My Care Ohio Plans and the upcoming changes. A fact sheet that helps explain what the changes are all about and what can be done is available at My Care Information

We know it is a difficult job being a Nursing Facility Social Worker. Our Continuing Education Director, Lisa Aiello, LISW-S currently works in a nursing facility. In the NF, you have morning meetings, care conferences, MDS 3.0 sections to complete, multiple resident issues, dealing with the PASRR/LOC process, setting up appropriate discharges which are often complicated with housing issues, arranging for HOME Choice, PASSPORT, Assisted Living Waiver, dealing with new ICDS issues of My Care Ohio. It goes on and on and oftentimes it just seems like you are running around putting fires out but never getting things accomplished to their fullest extent. We try to provide helpful tips on this site but we are always looking for additional information. We are in the process of putting together a continuing education course that addresses the multiple aspects of being a nursing facility social worker. If you are interested in this course or have questions about it, please email Dominic at dominicjohnson19@gmail.com.

  Advertise with us (see below) and one of your employees will be allowed to participate in our 10 week PASRR/LOC training for free. The ad almost pays for itself. The cost of an advertisement is $79.00/yr and the cost of the PASRR/LOC training is $69.00.  Plus, each year you advertise with us, an employee will receive a free training. The application for Advertisement is available at Advertisement






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Ohio PASRR/LOC Information



For PASRR/LOC information, go to PASRR/LOC

Our next 10 Week PASRR/LOC Training is scheduled to go from March 7-May 9, 2015. Go to PASRR/LOC Training for the brochure/registration. It is updated for the new PASRR, LOC and My Care Ohio Rules.

Also view current long term care information in Ohio including information on the new My Care Ohio Plan at Recent News

Our friend, Jim Koewler recently published an article on My Care Ohio, you can view it at My Care Ohio Update

  For more Information on My Care Ohio, go to My Care Ohio




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